It's about communicating...

Send Notifications - Email, SMS Text Message, and On-Screen

Contact information is self-maintained and shared at all levels. A LeagueGM Notification is much more than an email - it's a message that is stored on the LeagueGM database and can be retrieved by its game ID. It's transmitted simultaneously by email, SMS text, on-screen alert, and the sender can see if the receiver viewed it or not, replied or not - and exactly when, because each message receipt and message view is timestamped.

It's about efficiency...

LeagueGM Notifies You, Reminds You, and Empowers You

All users involved in an activity receive automated notifications when something needs action - for example if an instructor has not accepted his assignment yet and time is running out, both assignor and instructor get a reminder message. Reschedule or cancel a game, or all games on a day with a single action.

It's about scale...

Our Oracle Database Performs Millions of Transactions, Quickly and Securely

Run a small tournament on a single field, or a multi-location championship with thousands of games over an entire season

It's about time.

It's about time you moved your operations to the most comprehensive minor sports management solution on the web.

It's time to solve your game official management problems.

  • Teams need trained, qualified officials at the right experience level.
  • Officials need the scheduling tool that makes it easy to communicate with assignors.
  • Assignors need a system that comes full of accurate contacts, certifications and game experience information for all their officials.
  • League Administrators need a powerful database tool that responds to them, not the other way around.¬†

It's about saving time for everyone using our

  • League Member Contact Management and Messaging
  • Referee Assigning
  • Game Scheduling
  • Stats, Standings, Discipline
  • Tournament Management
  • Player Registration and On-Line Payments
  • Player Tryout Management and Assign Players to Teams
  • Learning Management and On-Line Course Presentation System