Manage Your Entire League

Manage Your Entire League

Family Members Register Together

Family members are grouped. This arrangement makes it possible for all family members to automatically receive team or division emails, even if siblings are on different teams in different divisions. Payment discounts for multiple family members can be automatically applied when taking online payment.

Manage Quotas

Each payment date is timestamped in the order it is received, so manage your waiting list easily, fairly and effectively.

Build Teams

Players are grouped by age and placed in the correct division automatically by birthdate. You can manage age authentication by birth certificate - parents can upload a photo of their child's birth certificate.

Use Our Automatic Team Builder

Put in the number of desired players per team, then click the Top Up Teams button...

Players Are Balanced by Their Evaluation Scores

... and players are assigned automatically. Notice the average team evaluation score - LeagueGM tries to make sure teams are evenly-matched.

Emails Can Be Sent by Any Team Member to All Other Members

Email, SMS phone number and other contact info is self-maintained by each user, making it easy to send group messages.