Assign Manually or Auto-Assign

Assign by Calendar View

Manage your assigning workload by viewing the most urgent assigning issues on a calendar, or use more complex views for assigning well in advance of game dates.

Assign by Event/League

Manage your assigning workload by viewing assigning requirements by event or league, regardless of the date of the games, which can be spread throughout the season. Identify assigning issues and simply click on the appropriate count to solve those issues. In this example, the MISSISSIPPI THUNDER KINGS need one replacement.

Assign by Advanced Filters

Manage your assigning workload by viewing assigning requirements by numerous filters that help you identify issues. In the list of games, any issues appear in RED.

Identify Individuals Who Frequently Turn-Back Assignments by Cooperation with Other Assignors to Eliminate Cherry-Picking

If an official refuses an assignment -- from you or another LeagueGM assignor -- his availability to all organizations for the duration of the assignment is locked as UNAVAILABLE.

The official is warned of this lockout at the time he refuses the assignment. The official therefore has the incentive to accept the assignment, rather than take it "for now" and dump it if a better assignment comes along.

As a LeagueGM assignor, you can over-ride this lockout and assign anyway, but other LeagueGM assignors using the official that day are able to see the sequence of assigning events, with timestamping of who did what and when they did it.

The intent of this functionality is to encourage the official to provide prompt and accurate availability. And accept all assignments given in good faith, so assignors do not waste time managing turned-back assignments.

Each time an official refuses or turns-back an assignment, it is counted in a statistic visible to any LeagueGM assignor using the official. Every LeagueGM official realizes it is important to keep his refusal and turn-backĀ statistics as low as possible, so that assignors perceive him as a reliable person.

Add Locations and Manage Location Information

Add new locations and record their geographic coordinates so users can find the field using Google Map driving directions.